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Signs of Roof Water Damage.

11/29/2022 (Permalink)

Your roof may be leaking and damaging your home's structures. Here are the signs to look out for. 

Most homeowners assume their roof is in okay condition until it leaks or shows overt signs of water damage. There are several indicators that your roof has experienced water damage and needs repair, including water stains on the ceiling and missing shingles.

Homeowners need to pay close attention to these warning signals and make the required fixes to prevent the issue from worsening.

To this end, SERVPRO of Tate, Tunica & Southwest DeSoto County, the leading roof leak water damage expert in the Greater Memphis Metropolitan area, has outlined the telltale signs to help homeowners identify roof water damage.

1. Watermarks and spots on your ceiling

Water stains and spots on the ceiling are the most common signs that your home suffers from water damage. Your roof can become leaky, allowing water to get into your ceiling.

Over time, the slow leak that seeps down the ceiling will typically lead to dark water stains, discolored spots, and darkened ceiling paint.

Most of the time, what appears to be a small stain on your ceiling can quickly transform into a significant issue. So it's essential to act promptly and have it fixed.

2. Water stains on the wall's exterior 

Water stains on a building's exterior point to flashing damage. The flashing can become rusty over time, allowing rainwater to seep in, which would cause wet spots on the walls.

It's essential to fix any flashing damage immediately you notice it. If water has already entered your home, you may need to have a water damage expert inspect it to prevent mold development.

3. Mold growth

Mold can spread quickly throughout your house, even from the smallest roof leak. Any part of your ceiling or walls can develop mold if left damp for over 24 hours. So it's essential to act quickly once you notice any leaks.

Hire a water damage restoration expert to remove any mold, fix a leaky roof and treat the moist surface to ensure the mold doesn't return.

4. Missing or broken shingles

Have you seen any missing, blistered, warped, or buckled shingles on your roof? If so, your roof may have suffered storm damage, and your home may also have been affected.

Missing shingles expose your roof to the elements. When your roof has missing shingles and is subjected to rain, wind, or hailstorm, a roof leak is almost inevitable, which leads to water damage.

5. Bad Smells

As a homeowner, you need to find the source of any distinctive odors in your home that persist for more than a few days. When water damage occurs, you may perceive a musty odor each time you use the heater or open specific windows.

Check your attic to see whether any insulation rolls or batts are damaged, as the odor can occasionally be caused by damp insulation.

6. Sun in the attic

Do you notice sunshine filtering between the beams when you go to your attic? A leaky roof is almost always indicated by sunlight entering your attic. The presence of daylight outside your house indicates that water may also find its way inside.

If the roof beams exhibit moisture or mold development, then the attic has likely already sustained water damage. In virtually all cases, a roof replacement or repair is necessary to stop future water damage. 

Get Professional Roof Leak Water Damage Services in Lakewood, New Orleans

SERVPRO of Tate, Tunica & Southwest DeSoto County is a leading name when it comes to roof leak water damage repair and other water restoration services in Lakewood, New Orleans. They have a team of experienced and trained experts who will identify and fix roof leaks, clean damaged home structures, and restore affected belongings.

When you are ready to hire the professionals, give your local SERVPRO a call today!

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