What our Customers say...


Greg and DeKome were absolutely wonderful and so very professional. Thank you for your hard work and professionalism.

CJ, Moe, Earl, Greg, J, and Briar were professional

and worked so hard! Did a great job!

Awesome communication throughout the process. Greg called when he was 45 minutes away so I could get to the property to meet him. He explained everything clearly and did a great job taking care of the water damage. Highly recommend

Extremely great people to work with. Very kind and considerate! I recommened SERVPRO of Desoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties to anyone need fire or water restoration!

I can't say enough about SERVPRO of Desoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties!! They were amazing during our storm mishap. We lost power after the tree fell on our main power source to the house. SERVPRO had someone there to assess within the hour AND had us repaired and power within 24 hours!! GREAT JOB GUYS!

Major thanks and props to SERVPRO of Desoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties on their quick reaction to my families needs. Tree tore power line down and damages part of our house. They were VERY quick to respond and also easy to work with. Can't recommend anywhere else to go other than SERVPRO!

My entire family was out of town when a water pipe burst at my office. We called SERVPRO and knew we would be in good hands. It gave us peace of mind to know that SERVPRO was clearing up the damage, and we didn't have to cancel our family vacation.

SERVPRO of Desoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties was so professional during the process of cleaning our home after we had vandalism damage. It was a scary process for us, but the technicians were so polite and compassionate and did not rush us although it was in the middle of the night. Thank you SERVPRO. We will forever be grateful for you. 

Thank you SERVPRO for always being a sponsor for Blessed are the Peacemakers. This is such an amazing event and thank you for understanding how important it is to support such an amazing cause. Thanks again! 

Thank you SERVPRO of Desoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties for responding to our office so quickly. We didn't expect to come back from the weekend to a flooded office, but your quick response allowed us to have to close for only a few hours. I was so impressed by the professionalism of your staff. They were so polite and prompt. Thank you again. 

Thank you SERVPRO of Desoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties for coming on such short notice to clean up the mold the inspector found at my home. I was able to get my home market ready with little effort on my part. Thank you again! 

Thank you SERVPRO of Desoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties for coming to my home in the middle of the night to tarp the hole in my roof from the storm. Your crews never complained, as well as the crew that was inside my home cleaning up all of the water and sheetrock from the water that was gushing in. You are lucky to have such hard, professional workers. I will definitely recommend you in the future. 

Thank you SERVPRO of Desoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties for all of the work you performed at my home after the grease fire we unfortunately had. Not only did you do an outstanding job cleaning everything, the construction work was top of the line as well. I will forever be grateful for all the contents you were able to save for me as well. 

We had a water leak that damaged a large portion of our hardwood floors. In addition, there was sheetrock and ceiling staining and water that pooled within the walls within our. As a result, we also suffered from damaged trim (crown molding, baseboards and quarteround). Our insurance company suggested SERVPRO to handle the immediate issue to dry out and dehumidify. Each day through the process, the team was courteous, showed up when they said they would and did everything to dry out the walls and prevent mold from developing. They communicated with us daily and did all they could and only cut into part of the wall as a last resort. Because of their professionalism and quality, I discussed their doing the restoration. They gave me a fair quote and negotiated it with the insurance company. Each day they did work, they showed up when they said they would and did an outstanding job restoring everything back to its original condition. In addition, their hardwood installation was great! I trusted them enough (from watching their workers through the whole process ) to allow them in my home when we were away (I had cameras periodically watching) but it enabled us to do the work while not having to miss work. They communicated daily allowing me to activate and deactivate my alarm system daily. All in all, this was a professional and great experience from the first time they walked in my home all the way up to the cleaning crew coming in after all work was complete. I recommend them for water mitigation and restoration services. Hats off to Dustin and every other team member that made this possible! My wife is happy with the work.....so I'm happy!

Thank you SERVPRO of Desoto, Tate & Tunica Counties for being so polite and professional during my time of need. We had no idea there was mold growing in our home. We feel safe again. Thank you. 

Thank you SERVPRO for all of the work you did at my home. And I will be able to have Christmas at my home now! I will think twice about cooking a turkey now. Your staff was amazing.

Thank you for your quick service earlier this month, especially in the middle of the night. I feel by business wasn't affected at all and that is all thanks to you! I will forever be thankful for SERVPRO. 

Thank you so much for your quick response. Your staff was very professional and caring and I can not thank you enough. I will forever be thankful. 

I just spoke with Mr. Reggie Clemons and he was very complimentary of Rhettford.  He said that Rhettford was very helpful, he did exactly what he said he was going to do when he said he was going to do it.  He also said he did everything that was asked of him.  He included that he made a very difficult situation not seem as hard.  

SERVPRO of Desoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties for all of work you did at my home last week. Your guys were very professional and polite. I am so amazed at the amount of work you did and could not have asked for better service. Thank you again! 

Thank you for coming out to our home so quickly after the storm last week. I was very impressed with your entire staff and will always be grateful for SERVPRO of Desoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties. Thank you again! 

Thank you for your professionalism and politeness of your entire staff. The mold problem at my business was minimal and the fact you were able to work after hours so I didn't have to close my business went beyond my expectations. I will always recommend SERVPRO of Desoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties. Thank you for your outstanding work. 

We were terrified when we found all of the mold behind our wallpaper in our new home. Thank you for quick service and work. We now feel safe in our new home! 

Thanks for all of your hard work on our fire damage. Your staff was so professional and kind during our loss. It was devastating but your company truly made the process easier. Thank you! 

Thank you for all of the work you did for us! Your staff was fast and efficient and I can't thank you enough! 

Thank you for getting the SNAKE out of my HVAC system today!!! We had no idea it was there. Your guys are braver than I. SERVPRO is amazing. What a relief it never came inside. At least it was already dead! 

Fires are such scary things and unfortunately we had to experience one at our home. Your staff could not have been more helpful. We can replace the material things. Thank you so much for your help SERVPRO of DeSoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties. 

Thank you for taking care of the mold in my crawlspace. I feel safer in my home as well as for my family. We also were able to take care of the leak we never knew we had. SERVPRO of DeSoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties, I will use you again and will recommend you to everyone I know. 

Thank you so much for your services this morning. Our family is safe and we can replace material things. Your staff was so professional and polite and we will forever be thankful. Thank you SERVPRO of Desoto, Tate,  & Tunica Counties. 

The storms were crazy last night. The response time you guys had was even crazier! I am so impressed! Thanks SERVPRO of DeSoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties!

Thank you for getting to our home so quickly after the storm last night. The tree that landed on roof was scary enough. And then we had to deal with all of the water damage from the rain. I am so impressed with SERVPRO of DeSoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties. 

The cleanup process took no time and we now feel safe in our new home. Mold is a scary thing. Thank you SERVPRO of DeSoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties. You are the best! We will recommend you always. 

SERVPRO of DeSoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties was very professional and polite. We were very afraid after the storm and SERVPRO helped us through every step of the way. 

The post construction cleaning you did at our casino exceeded my expectations. Your staff went above and beyond and worked under all my specific requirements with no questions asked. I am very impressed and admire your professionalism and politeness of your staff. Thank you again SERVPRO of DeSoto, Tate, & Tunica Counties. 

You were exceptional in my time of need. Sending your guys to my water damage on Christmas day made the biggest impression on me and I will forever be grateful. I can not thank you enough. We were able to save all of the Christmas presents as well!! Thank you SERVPRO of Desoto County! You are the best. 

Thank you for all SERVPRO of DTT did to try and
help us save our floors. Please give a special thank you to Ron.
He was very professional, but friendly enough to make me comfortable with
him being in my home. I hope to never need SERVPRO's services again, but
would recommend to my family and friends.

I would like to thank SERVPRO for the level of professionalism and patience and making sure the job was completed. The team work was over the top and greatly appreciated. To the following Office Manager, Managers, and Field Employees, thank you again… You guys are “THE BEST”… Ron, Angie, Lynn, Andy, Teresa, and many more… Thank You.

Your guys showed up quickly and were so polite! They did a great job drying our flooded warehouse and I am impressed with their promptness and professionalism. I will recommend SERVPRO in the future.

Great customer service from all the guys at SERVPRO of Desoto. Continue to offer great customer service....customers really appreciate that!

The guys from SERVPRO of DTT were very nice and very courteous. Great job!

Good job SERVPRO. Thanks for your hard work

I was very satisfied with the work SERVPRO of Desoto did! Keep up the good work! I would highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone.

SERPVRO of DTT was very professional during the entire job. I was impressed on how quickly they came when called. I thank you for all you have done. Plus, the workers are very friendly and professional. Thanks again!

SERVPRO of Desoto County did a great job! They were very pleasant to work with as well. Thanks again

SERVPRO did a great job. Thanks for all of your hard work and efforts

Joseph at SERVPRO of DTT was very helpful and knowledgeable. He was very courteous and called every morning before coming. We would definitely use SERVPRO again if needed.

My water heater broke and flooded my finished basement. My insurance agent recommended SERVPRO in Southaven and I decided to continue with them since their website was very informative. When they showed up they were very fast and careful. I was surprised by this. They got the cleanup all done in a couple hours and had all their equipment drying out my entire basement the same night. They even recommended trusted contractors for me.

We found mold in several rooms of our business. It was an extensive water damage that we were not expecting, especially since it's our busiest time of year. Everyone has been helpful and calming during this stressful time. Much appreciated, will highly recommend your service due to your staff in the future.

A truly outstanding job, going above and beyond our expectations. In addition to the thorough cleaning and obvious attention to detail, that the team brought to the job, we were even more impressed by the sense of caring extended to parents and their home. Thank you.

SERVPRO DTT came to our rescue when our condo flooded due to a plumbing malfunction. The staff and technicians were professional, courteous, and efficient in the clean up and explained everything as they went through the process. When we had yet another water issue only a month later, I didn't hesitate and turned to SERVPRO again. They are a great company to fix your water damage as quickly as possible!

Great company! I called in absolute distress when sewage backed up out of my toilet and tub and the office girl was so kind and empathetic. She made me feel at ease. She got the guys out there asap and they cleaned up my yucky mess! Thanks guys! You made it like it never even happened haha!

Wow! Outstanding service. We're in the service business too and know how hard it is to perform at this level. Very impressed with your company and will definitely recommend SERVPRO in the future!